Friday, May 18, 2007

Eastern Market Press Conference

We got to Eastern Market just in time today to catch the press conference with our nattily chapeau-ed Mayor Adrian Fenty, and watch the ceremonial groundbreaking for the temporary building for the Eastern Market vendors. Yaaay (and there was much rejoicing). The temporary building will be on part of the asphault playground at Hine Jr. High School, and is expected to be finished sometime in July. There are supposed to be refrigerators and all the other necessary equipment for the vendors. On the selfish side of things, it means we will hopefully only go another two months at most in our food shopping void! And as Seth has commented, the quick response by the Mayor could really bolster his reelection chances, at least from the Capitol Hill community's point of view.
On another high note, several of the vendors from inside Eastern Market have been setting up on the sidewalk every day to sell their wares. Calomiris Produce, Bowers Fancy Dairy Products, The Sweet Shoppe bakery, and Capitol Hill Produce were out there today. We've tried to buy things from each business and tell the vendors how glad we are to see them out there. The Cotswold cheese with chives seemed especially tasty after we bought it today.
Despite the construction, the weekend flea & farmer's markets will continue to be in full swing.
For more info on the status of Eastern Market, see and and .

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