Monday, May 21, 2007

No, not that Bill

It's official - Bill has entered the Presidential race. Bill Richardson, my hometown candidate, that is.

Frankly, I'm hedging my bets on the Democratic candidate so far. I did give some dollars to the Richardson exploratory committee, and the DC Zia household contibutes regularly to the DNC. But who's the winning horse? Barack's got charisma; Hillary has more appeal than expected; both have the power of the fundraising purse. Richardson has the resume - check out his ads on the website that cleverly make fun of how overqualified he is, with an implicit comparison to the current guy in the Oval Office.

I admit that some impulse-control-problem part of me just wants to get Hillary in there so I can see Bill C. as First Man. Yep, I'm one of those with an inexplicable, passionate, impulsive devotion to William Jefferson Clinton. I'm almost ready to do anything to get him back in the White House in any way. Oh yeah, and having the first female president would be an extra added bonus.

How about the Barack-Richardson ticket (un-PC-ly dubbed the Brown Ticket)? Could be great or go horribly wrong. I live in the ivory tower of Democratic, educated Washington - I have no idea how that would play in the, uh, red, flat parts of the country. I guess we should be glad we seemingly have viable choices this year. Or you can always go with the Cheney-Satan ticket....

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