Thursday, August 23, 2007

"Ari Fleischer - It Gets Worse"

Thank you Joan Walsh for summing this all up. Apparently, Fleischer (a.k.a. "the cavalry") went on "Hardball" last night to plug his new pro-war delusion advocacy group, Freedom's Watch (yow- could the graphics on this site be more cliched or treacly?). When he was pitched a softball by Mike Barnicle and asked what the name of the soldier was who was appearing in his organization's ads, Fleischer didn't know. Way to prepare for that one, Ari. Dubya should be proud.

"Barnicle showed a disturbing ad featuring an Iraq war veteran who'd lost both legs. The veteran supports the war and says it would be a mistake to end it. Pretty powerful. Barnicle praised the ad and asked Fleischer a softball question: Who's the soldier in the ad? And Fleischer couldn't answer. It was really unbelievable.

There are only four people, so far, featured in the Freedom's Watch campaign. The one in the ad run on "Hardball" is John Kreisel, who lost both legs near Fallujah in December 2006, near the end of his second tour. It's a searing story. Is it really that hard for Fleischer to remember the name of the guy whose tragedy he's using to flack his point of view? Heckuva job, Ari."

-- Joan Walsh

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