Monday, January 28, 2008

Why I Love-Hate/Hate-Love DC part 2

My friend John had to go get a replacement driver's license a couple of days ago, because his had gotten damaged. He went to the Half Street SW location, right by the DC inspection station. While he was there, apparently someone accidentally pulled the fire alarm at the DMV and they had to evacuate. They were on C48 and he had C52 as his number...

A classic DC DMV moment. But, despite the fire alarm evacuation crisis, getting a replacement license still took less than an hour, and the lady gave him sort of a loophole reduced fee for the replacement. We'd been taking bets on how long John's ordeal at the DMV would take because you never know.

I could go on for a long time with incredible stories about trials and tribulations about the Byzantine bureaucracy of the DC DMV (this could be a future post), but the most important lesson here, people, is NEVER EVER (ever!) go to the downtown C St. NW location unless you absolutely, positively have to. I don't know why, but the folks at the other locations, they're just nicer. Successful visits have been had at the Georgetown, Penn Ave. SE, and Half Street locations. Ball point pens have been loaned (!), smiles have been seen!

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Washington Cube said...

Wait until they start ripping the ornamental grasses out of your yard and the pots of cactus on your porch.