Monday, February 4, 2008

Monday Musings

A compilation of random stuff that caught my attention today....

First, I would be remiss (and a most unsupportive spouse) if I did not mention the New York Giants' amazing victory over the New England Patriots last night. My dear sweet hubby had the foresight to take off of work today so he could bask or wallow in whatever the outcome of the game happened to be. I am sure he is basking away as I type, probably in his PJs on the sofa, tirelessly watching game highlights on ESPN over and over and over and over and over again. And at least five more times to be sure, while simultaneously checking all the stats again online, reading every Giants chat room and e-mail and article he can find, and pondering which Giants championship merchandise to purchase. Especially regarding the amazing sticky-fingers catch by David Tyree in the last minutes of the last quarter (a Montclair, New Jersey native, for some icing on the Big Blue cake). For some photos of the Super Bowl watching tension, check the Rufus blog here.

Second, what the heck is going on in the Maryland burbs today?

"Feb 4th, 2008 BALTIMORE -- Helicopters and marine units examined the surface of the Patapsco River Monday after authorities received a report that an adult threw a child off a bridge."

"Feb 4th, 2008 LARGO, Md. -- Three men were killed by a gunman after an argument broke out in a restaurant while the Super Bowl was being shown on television, police said. The shooting happened Sunday night at the Uno Chicago Grill restaurant, part of a dining, shopping and entertainment complex near FedEx Field in the Largo area, Prince George's County police said. Two of the men were shot in the restaurant's bar area and the third was shot outside in a parking lot. Police said they believe all three men were killed by a single shooter.
Investigators were trying to determine what prompted the argument, which witnesses said occurred after one team scored."

Yeah, I feel safer in the old "inner city" of Washington, DC, thanks. Random punk-ass vandalism to my automobile aside.

Third, back to bull riding. This answers one of my prior questions about medical bills.

"Pop Tarts and minor home surgery"
Tim "Wild Thang" Lepard has been in rodeos most of his life.
Most bull riders and fighters either retire young or die, so to stay with the show, the 45-year- old Memphis native began training monkeys to wear cowboy outfits and ride dogs in an

act he calls Team Ghost Riders.

How many times have you been hurt?
"I've had nine majors (injuries). ... This right here (on my cheek) was an injury. A bull
hooked me in the face and I sewed that up myself. ... I had a bull that hooked me in the mouth. It tore that lip right off right there. The horn went up into my mouth. They done all this reconstructive. I had tubes put in my nose. The whole roof of my mouth is steel."

Did you say you sewed your own face?
"I sewed that cheek up with a clamp gun. ... There's a thing in rodeo, if you go to the doctor, that's your money. You know, we get paid to do our job, but if something happens to us and we have to go to the hospital, we don't get paid. It's kind of like (being) self-employed. If your truck breaks down, you lose. You've got to be on the road and that's it. I've got to be in the arena. For 28 years, except for one time, I've missed going into the arena."

Fourth, monkeys are irresistible. Thanks to MP for the "Cowmonkey News of the Day."
Monkey Rides Dog At Stock Show
A 21-year-old monkey is stealing the spotlight at the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo. Whiplash entertains crowds of all ages by dressing up like a cowboy and riding on a border collie.
The 7-pound monkey has a large following, his Web site receiving about 1,000 hits a day.
When he's not performing, Whiplash enjoys playing with toys and watching cartoons.

And finally, if you think dressing up a monkey like a cowboy and having him ride a dog is crazy, you need to see Sugarbush the Squirrel. Yes, this is for real. And yes, the woman lives in Florida.

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