Friday, March 28, 2008

'Round the neighborhood

The magnificent wreck. Now that someone's bought the corner crackhouse, we wish someone could do something with this magnificent wreck. It's HUGE. And apparently owned by a not-impoverished Greek businessman who chooses to load the house up with old furniture and junk, and leave it a boarded-up eyesore. And a delightful place for vagrants to OD and die under the stairs (not kidding - the neighbors just love that). It just kills me, because this place could be spectacular. What a waste.

Neighboring houses to the magnificent wreck. The pastel colors make me think of Jordan almonds or Easter eggs.

RIP Murky Coffee. This was upsetting. Everyone's favorite Hill coffeehouse, Murky Coffee , was recently seized by the DC government due to some unremitted sales taxes. Over $200,000 in sales taxes, to be exact, which was jacked up to over $400,000 due to extra fines, etc. Since sales tax in DC is about 10%, that's the sales tax on about $2 million worth of coffee. This seems like more than an, um, oversight. The owner admits as much on and tells us, that sadly, Murky won't re-open.
Seth peers in vain through the window. He's so caffeine-deprived at this point that he considers licking the glass for any remaining espresso vapors.

Eastern Market construction. Not done yet, but there is progress. The murals by local artists on the plywood window covers are a nice touch.

Quite a change from the burned Market almost a year ago.

And just for fun....It's so wrong, but yet so right to call them "twitchers." Courtesy of Union Meat, Eastern Market, Washington, DC, USA, Western Hemisphere, Planet Earth.


IMGoph said...

that is a really beautiful house! what corner is it on?

Magnifique said...

I will seriously mourn the loss of Murky Coffee. I live in SW and Murky was the closest coffee shop for miles (and no, I am not counting the new Starbucks by the ball park.)

SciWonk said...

Love the post and photos. I greatly preferred Port City Java to Murky Coffee. Sure, Murky was cute and Mom-n-Popsy, but I'm hoping a better coffeehouse will emerge like a phoenix from the ashes.

I love our 'hood.

RJStewart said...

Thanks all for your comments. Clearly I need to write about the Hill more often.

The magnificent wreck is at the corner of 10th & C Streets NE. Someone buy it, please?