Monday, May 12, 2008

So long, and thanks for all the fish

We have raccoons on Capitol Hill. At least one, anyhow. A big, fat furry fella clambered his way into my neighbors' backyard and went fishing in their little Zen waterfall fishpond, making quick sushi out of their Last Surviving Goldfish.

I just have so many questions. Where did the raccoon come from (Rock Creek Park? Virginia)? How did he get to Capitol Hill (bus? taxi? hitchhiking?)? Why did he come to Capitol Hill (Adams Morgan was too loud?)? What is he eating (other than unlucky goldfish)? Where does he live (a studio at the Congressional Apartments? The lush lawns of the Capitol grounds?)? How does he get along with the alley rats?


Anonymous said...

I can tell you one other thing he is eating--multiple tomato plants and all of my cucumber plants. He is a wiley one.

Rob B said...

The Washington, DC area has a huge raccoon population, Rock Creek Park specifically has one of the highest concentration of them recorded anywhere. The City Paper did a pretty good article about them a few months ago, but they are all over the place, and they are profoundly grateful for your garbage.

RJStewart said...

Rob b - Fascinating! I had no idea. I have a friend who's a National Park policeman, and he says they get calls all the time from motorist driving through the park saying,"Do you know there are RACCOONS running around out here? Shouldn't you come capture them?" The Park Police gently explain that the raccoons are wild animals and quite happy living in their natural habitat of the forests of Rock Creek Park.