Monday, November 3, 2008

The belly gets dressed up

Me, Seth and the 36-week belly got all gussied up and went to our friends' Mike & Lisa's wedding. (Yes, for those of you counting, I am now at 37+ weeks. Yes, these photos were taken over a week ago. But I've been a little busy over here, you know, gestating, trying to pawn off work projects on other people, picking out cabinet knobs for the kitchen, and napping. Mmm, napping. V. important. Wins out over updating the blog pretty much every time. Sorry.)

My friend Anna is also pregnant - 17 weeks along in our joint belly photo. I think I win.

Seth has had a glass of wine or two and rubbed my belly throughout the night at every chance (was it something about the alluring drape of the red polyester Motherhood Maternity cocktail dress??). And also offered up my belly for rubbing to other wedding guests. His entree to our friend Cat: "So, you wanna feel the baby's butt?" She declined.

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