Thursday, December 11, 2008

The albatross has flown

That, my friends, is the infamous albatross gas meter, now located as planned on the OUTSIDE of our house. I have no idea what it took to wrestle this thing out here, and I don't care. I just know it's done. Victory. It gives me faint, renewed hope about this house project being completed in 2008.

And there are actual cabinets in our kitchen. It is starting to look like an actual kitchen again instead of a gutted wreck.

I am also currently obsessing about the location of the hand towel rack in the basement bathroom. As if I didn't have enough things to lose sleep over (newborn, hello?) I can't stop thinking about this damn hand towel rack. It's currently located between the sink and the shower. I think it's too low, and I think it's sort of in the way of the shower, and I think I need to have it moved, and I think that will confirm yet again to the contractor that I am indeed completely obsessive compulsive. I also e-mailed him earlier in this process about other things that were keeping me awake at night, such as an 18-inch wine refrigerator shown on a diagram when we had ordered a 15-inch one; such as scanned photos and several links to specific tiles for kitchen backsplashes; such as oh my god I can't sleep because someone inadvertently said we had "mocha" cabinets when the damn color had better actually be "cappucino" because I based everything in my life on the "cappucino" color and I am hormonal and pregnant and if there are any changes I'm going to throw a fit like you have never seen before.
Yeah. I've noticed that the contractor doesn't e-mail me like he used to anymore.

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