Saturday, December 6, 2008

Le chapeau

[Note: I don't speak French at all, except for the phrase "menage a trois" which also happens to be the name of quite a delicious white wine, so if my article or gender or something is wrong in the blog title (does French have genders?) you'll please excuse it.]

So, Grandma Fran dusted off her crochet skills to make Helene a hat. This was actually quite necessary, since all the hats we have for the baby end up sliding down over her entire little pin head and rattling around her neck. She has probably inherited her mother's small noggin (I buy kid-sized baseball caps, y'all). Not only did Fran crochet a hat, she used YouTube to do it. She found a video showing how to make a baby hat, and away she went. I think my mother in law is now the first person I know to use YouTube for a useful, productive purpose. Who knew it could be done?

The making of the hat.
The trying on of the hat.
The final fitting of the hat. Helene is so thrilled, she could just....sleep.

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