Wednesday, November 28, 2007

New Mexico Quarter - Proof That It's A State!

The US Mint just announced the issuance of the last five quarters, which will come out in 2008. One of them is, of course, the New Mexico quarter, since New Mexico was the fourth-to-last state in the union. Naturally, I like it because it has a Zia symbol on it. Since I believe my sweetie and I are the only people on earth with a Zia symbol on our ketubah (the deal was - he got Hebrew letters, I got a Zia symbol), I may have to actually go out of my way to collect this quarter and slide it into the corner of the ketubah frame.
Of course, the US government is not without error. Take a look and see how they've misspelled "Santa Fe" on their website. Grrr. I guess I should just be happy that New Mexico is recognized as a state of the union, which isn't always the case.
The Mint is also considering a proposal to come out with quarters for DC, Puerto Rico, and other US districts/territories. So, if DC gets a "state quarter" does that mean we're a state, and the next step is the end to the total Federal disenfranchisement of DC citizens? (Hey, I can dream!)

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