Friday, November 30, 2007

Kitchen Kidnapping - A Utensil Mystery

So, we had our annual Armistice Day party a couple of weeks ago (celebrating nearly a century of everlasting peace!). We do a different theme/country every year and we had a fantastic German biergarten this year. It was a great party - mulled cider and gluhwein in the kitchen, a keg of Oktoberfest beer, and as many wurst and spaetzle as you could stuff in you. Our guests braved the chilly weather and hung out in our lights-a-twinkling backyard biergarten till late. Absolutely our best Armistice Day ever.

(not our actual biergarten) But a few days ago, I wanted to add some baby corn to a stir-fry, and discovered something amiss in the kitchen. The can opener had gone missing. I rustled through its usual drawer. I rustled some more. I took everything out of the drawer. I threw everything back in the drawer. I repeated this process four more times with all the other drawers in the kitchen. I called Seth in to rustle through drawers. I pulled all the drawers out to see if the can opener had gotten caught behind the drawer. I started going through cabinets. After 20 minutes, we were forced to conclude that the can opener was truly missing, and that the can of baby corn was going to sit lonely and unused on the counter.

The last sighting of the can opener was before the Armistice Day party on November 10. I used it in my frantic pre-party prep to open some mulling spices or gherkins or mustard or sauerkraut. The opened cans were in the recycling bin as evidence of the presence of the can opener.

So which one of you crazy Armistice Day partiers made off with the can opener tucked in your hip pocket? Wasn't that a little uncomfortable? I mean, it's not like a little old bottle opener or Swiss Army knife or something.

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