Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Excerpts from the 92 bus

I always say you have not truly lived in DC until you've taken the bus.

Place: the northbound 92 bus line, starting from 8th & M Sts. SE
Time: approximately 9:30 a.m.
Atmosphere: Disgruntled - all the passengers are complaining that the 90 bus is late, so they have to take this one.

The bus is crowded. I'm standing up, towards the front of the bus. The seats in the front of the bus are long benches placed against each side, so that if you sit on them, you are facing the people on the opposite side of the bus. Sitting right in front of me is a youngish woman, who's sitting sort of sideways, with one foot tucked under her, and her face turned as far towards the window as she can get it. Suddenly, the guy standing next to me recognizes the woman. It's a warm, happy reunion.

HE: Hey, how ya doin'? I almost didn't see you sitting there. I haven't seen you in awhile.
SHE: Hi. How's your sister?
HE: I don't know. You'd have to ask her. Hey, you got a cigarette?
SHE: Gimme some money. I know you got money.
HE: Come on, just give me a cigarette. You always got one.
SHE: Gimme some money. You got money. Where you get it?
HE: I work for a living. I earn that money. You need to get yourself together.
SHE: Your sister takes money for sex.
HE: Well, at least she's not a crack-smoking pipehead like you.
SHE (louder): Your sister's a whore.
HE (louder): Well, you a pipehead.
SHE (even louder): Your sister is a WHORE. WHOOOORRRRE! (Turns to face away from him, pressing her face against the window.)

More people should take the bus. It's only $1.25 and the entertainment does not cost extra.


Monodomo said...

HAHAHAHA...I have always loved riding the bus in DC, though I msut say, the train can be almost as entertaining....

lacochran said...

Wow. Talk about TMI.

At least it was more entertaining than my metro experience (see earlier blog at http://lacochran.blogspot.com)

Thanks for sharing! Great post!