Sunday, February 17, 2008

I Heart KITT The Car (Still!)

The original KITT

I caught the last half of this NBC made-for-TV one-off revival of Knight Rider. I couldn't help it. I was suuuuucked in by KITT. I have worshiped KITT since the first appearance of Knight Rider when I was 8. David Hasselhoff - meh. It was all about the car for me. Though the catchline "...a shadowy flight into the dangerous world of a man who does not exist..." wasn't bad.

As we're watching, Seth observes, "This is bad."

"Yeah, but probably not as bad as if we were watching one of the original episodes from the '80's."

"Hmm, yeah, you're probably right."

One of the reasons this revival is better than the original is that KITT is a Mustang, and not some trashy Trans Am. Yow! I'm always a sucker for the Mustang.

And come to find out, Val Kilmer does the voice for 2008 KITT. Seth's comment was "Wow. How depressing." Yeah, what DOES that say about your career? (Maybe Val was just a big old Knight Rider fan and leaped at the chance to be KITT?)

Of course, there was a semi-gratuitous appearance by David Hasselhoff. It actually did something to further the story line, such as it was. He's the mostly unknown father of Mike Traceur, the new driver of the new KITT. The last lines exchanged between the two are these:

Traceur: "Will I ever see you again?"
Michael Knight: "I hope so."

(Riveting. I know.)

And then NBC launches into its promo: "Will you see him again? Yes, you will! On "America's Got Talent!"

Dear god. I thought Hasselhoff was this ginormous music star in Germany. Is he really this desperate? Do he and Val Kilmer have the same agent or something?

Just to wrap this up, when I looked the new Knight Rider up on IMDB, the director's name is Steve Shill. Heh heh. Shill. Heh heh.

(And if you haven't had your fill of Knight Rider nostalgia, you can look here.)

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