Monday, March 10, 2008

U 2 Kin Tek Gud Fotoz

I took a photography class on Saturday. Just in case this law gig doesn't work out someday, or we don't win the lottery, I need a backup plan.

The class was at the Smithsonian's National Museum of the American Indian. We learned a ton of stuff about all the really really cool complicated head-spinning things digital SLRs can do, and then we were turned loose in different rooms to snap away. Thank goodness for two things: (1) a patient instructor; and (2) the miraculous "delete" button on the digital camera.

Here are some of the few acceptable results for your enjoyment/mockery. I know, I know, don't post your photos on the internet, right-click protection, blah blah blah, but seriously, I would be both flabbergasted and flattered if I ever did find that my fairly middling photos were stolen and put elsewhere. (I swear to all the copyright bitches that I will be good and use watermarks and protected sites and all if I ever do this in any serious commercial way.)

Girl with girl statue



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