Thursday, March 13, 2008

Why it pays to be a creature of habit

Or, THAT could have been embarrassing for someone.

You know how at your gym, you get into a comfortable groove, where you find a corner of the locker room that you like, in a low-traffic area, with a locker that always seems to be available, and it's one of the full-length ones, and not one of the half-sized ones, so you can hang your coat and your suit up in it, instead of having to ball them up or fold them. And you gravitate back to this locker most days, because you just kinda like it.

So, when I got to the gym tonight, I went back to the same locker I used yesterday. I open it - empty. Oh, wait. What's that up on the top shelf, up above my head? It looks like...fabric.

My underwear. From yesterday. Right where I left them.

1 comment:

Steven said...

Crazy bacchanalian DC lawyers, spend so much time with their undies off they don't even notice when the leave the gym going commando...