Sunday, June 29, 2008


The renovation of the basement is visibly progressing, which is exciting.

Seth and my friend Betsy examine the construction. Note the 2x4 framing - this was holding up our entire house for a couple of weeks until the new, super-slim and svelte steel support posts could be installed. The new slim steel posts replaced the very bulky brick ones that the house was originally constructed with. You can see the old ones here.
Last week, this cement truck showed up in front of the house. They brought the cement in through the front window in wheelbarrows.
And voila! A new cement floor. And, uh, some water. We, um, assume this water issue will be remedied.
The roughed-in plumbing for the shiny new full bathroom that will be going in the basement! Take note, future house guests - your own bathroom.
The new, level cement floor in the other end of the basement (facing the front, street side of the house). Note the shiny, streamlined new red support post. And look! Building materials! Framing starts this week.

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