Wednesday, July 2, 2008

So long, and thanks for all the fish, Part 2

Or, the urban raccoons of Capitol Hill strike again.

The other morning, Seth let the dog out into the backyard, and the dog went berserk, running around, barking, sniffing, whining. The neighbor's dogs were doing the same thing. Then, our neighbor told Seth that we had a new resident on the block: a smallish raccoon that had taken up residence in a niche between our two rowhouses. It appeared to be a smaller, and different raccoon than the one that turned the neighbor's fishpond into an impromptu sushi bar a couple of months ago.

Our neighbor called the local humane society to see if they could come capture the raccoon, since none of us are that crazy about mammals burrowing into our houses, or giving fleas & ticks to our dogs and kids. The humane society's response was that they do not come out to capture apparently healthy wild animals. If we wanted it trapped, we could do it ourselves or hire a private trapper (I'm just imagining a Dog The Bounty Hunter for animals kind of guy showing up on the front steps).

So, our neighbor is trying Plan A, the "Have-A-Heart" humane trap:

Cozy and inviting, eh?
Comes with room service! Delicious, well-aged sardines!

So far, no luck. Perhaps a bowl of goldfish (and not the Pepperidge Farm crackers) would be more enticing?

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