Monday, July 7, 2008

Bacon-O-Rama! Or, the latest installation of Bacon Says I Love You

I'm simply giddy with thoughts of my favorite cured pork product today. Not only is Salon doing Pork Week (read the first installation about my beloved bacon here, and perchance you should try the bacon bra (yes you read that right)) , but my friend Mike sent me the ultimate gift pack of BACON SALT:

Beautiful, isn't it? And kosher too!

He says, and I quote: "To ensure that your child (wow isn't that a scary concept; it is like saying Mike's wife) is brought up in a caring and loving environment, I thought it was wise to start the little bundle of joy off (in the womb no less) with the sweet loving taste of BACON!"

I just got teary-eyed over that sweet sentiment. There's definitely no fear of the baby not knowing what bacon tastes like. The two things that have tasted good to me throughout pregnancy thus far, no matter how queasy or heartburny or food averse: bacon and beer. Figures, eh? (To be clear here, I have only had long-savored occasional sips of whatever delicious, delicious beer my husband has been drinking, so nobody go calling Child Protective Services just yet. But damn, I don't think beer ever tasted so good as it does NOW THAT I CAN'T HAVE IT.)

Bacon, however, given its no-alcohol content, I have devoured with impunity.

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