Monday, September 1, 2008

28 weeks - special Martha's Vineyard edition

Beach abstract - Chappaquiddick
We've been at Seth's family's house on Martha's Vineyard since August 21, and it has been blissful. Whenever I arrive here, I feel myself easily sliding into the slowed pace of relaxation that is summer on this island. The weather has been spectacular almost every day, with crystalline blue skies, and breezes just cool enough to be comfortable. I've read at least six books, dividing my reading time between lounging on the hammock, the sofa, chaise lounge and beach. An old family friend who is a New York restaurateur was here for a few days, and treated us by cooking better-than-restaurant dinners made with the freshest local seafood and produce. I roused myself to make some truly fantastic seafood chowder with fresh local quahogs, based on the venerable Black Dog Tavern's recipe. We've wandered all the towns, gone to the agricultural fair, the farmer's market, the flea market and the craft fair, driven on winding roads we hadn't found before, and hiked on parts of the island both new and familiar to us. I can't let myself think about the fact that we are going home to DC tomorrow.

Vacation - all you ever wanted. Not a bad way to spend a lot of dreamy hours.
Shearing demonstration - an Angora goat.
Mohair wool - comes from Angora goats.
Prizewinning rabbit. He seems underwhelmed.
No fair is complete without racing pigs.
Belly on the beach - 28 weeks. Maybe I shouldn't have posted this right next to the chubby, pink little pigs.

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