Sunday, September 7, 2008

Holy kitchen renovation, Batman

So, this is what our dining room and kitchen looked like before we left for vacation:

And this is what we came home to:

Complete, total and utter destruction. Isn't it beautiful? I love seeing all the bones of the house, and layered remnants of 100+ years - old plaster, old windows, scars on the floor where the original walls were.

We also found a sort of time capsule behind the drywall - a 1975 calendar from a now-defunct seafood market. The 1975 date definitely explains the cheap vinyl flooring, mustard-yellow Formica countertops and the fireplace in the basement.

We're contemplating what we could leave in the house as our own time capsule. A letter? Photos of the house? A list of average gas prices?

Since a lot of people have been asking about the baby's room, I thought I'd share a photo of it:

What? You don't think she'll like it? What? Too yellow? You don't think the Igloo cooler will work as a bassinet? We thought it was handy, what with the wheels and pull-handle.


Shamelessly Sassy said...

I think the igloo cooler will make a dandy bassinet. haha.

Totalrenovering said...

Wow awesome, its really beautiful. Thank you for sharing.